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Chilton is situated immediately to the east and north-east of the ancient market town of Sudbury in Suffolk, a few miles north of the Essex border.  It is a rural and semi-rural area with the heart of it given over to arable fields intersected by a network of footpaths.

It is bordered by the Chilton industrial estate to the west, the A134 and the parish of Great Cornard to the south, the rural parishes of Great Waldingfield and Newton Green to the east and Chilton Airfield and Long Melford Parish to the north.

Whilst interdependent with Sudbury, which has gradually expanded towards it, Chilton has a long and proud tradition of its own. It sees itself as one of Sudbury's green lungs where walkers and their dogs come to refresh and exercise themselves along the many walkways between the fields or across the airfield. The airfield was used extensively during the second world war as a base for a USAAF bomber squadron and there is a small war memorial at the entrance to commemorate the pilots and crews who did not survive. Today the airfield is largely given over to farming, grain storage in the old aircraft hangers and light industry, though some of the runways remain.

Other features include the 15th Century St. Mary's Church, which sits in grand isolation between two fields, the original village around it having disappeared. (For further details see HISTORY) The Church has been made redundant and is now in the care of The Church Conservation Trust. Well attended services are held five times a year as well as concerts, talks, quizzes and other community events. The Church is still available for weddings and christenings. Details of current events at St. Mary’s are HERE

Not far from the Church is the Grade II* listed Chilton Hall and its listed garden, particularly beautiful in the Spring when purple aubretia flowers along the walls of the moat.

The new Sudbury Community Health Centre in Church Field Road, Chilton, just off the Homebase roundabout, is now a major and well-used feature of the parish and is a major icon of the parish.

The majority of the farm land in Chilton Parish, is owned by Suffolk County Council who purchased many farms in Suffolk at the end of World War 1 and most of the land is still farmed by tenant farmers who make a significant contribution in keeping the Parish as a pleasant, rural open space.

There are approximately 150 dwellings in Chilton and most of these are alongside the B115 between Sudbury and Great Waldingfield and near the A134. Styles range from Victorian cottages and farmhouses to traditional Dutch roofs, some thatch and more modern bungalows and executive style houses.

Chilton's part of the industrial estate contains a number of units, both large and small, including the Royal Mail Sorting Office for the area and Mauldon's Brewery, the home of Black Adder Ale.

Chilton has no Shop, Post Office, School or Public House, all of these being available in Sudbury or the villages nearby.






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